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Official Music Video for Annihilation Song from Rubblebucket's new album 'Sun Machine' Out 8-24-18.


A woman is swept up by pelicans and chaos in an afternoon ride share. 


The idea behind the music video for ‘Annihilation Song’ began with the feeling of being in control and learning to trust yourself. The plot was initially inspired by a negative experience with a ride share, and after fleshing out the idea it broadened into being more generally about situations where women are forced to relinquish control. I wanted to create a narrative where the protagonist regains or discovers control that she didn’t think she had; control that she thought belonged to technology, two mind control pelicans, and nature itself.





Pencil on paper | Digital color
Directed by Amanda Bonaiuto
Color assistance: Sam Palmer

Screenings //

Silver Sound Showdown Music + Video Festival, Brooklyn - 16th January 2019

10th Roanne animation short film festival – Ciné court animé, France - 18th to 24th March 2019

Las Cruces International Film Festival,New Mexico - 19th - 24th February 2019

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